What’s the next step? I take meds, I go to therapy and yet I still have days like yesterday and today. Yesterday I had a full brain of things I wanted to accomplish. Set a house cleaning schedule, start said house cleaning schedule, do the laundry, garden. What did I end up doing instead? Putting … Continue reading


I was sick this weekend. Sore throat, severe body aches, fever; I was miserable. Luckily it seemed to not be a stomach thing, so at least there was that. Jordan did a great job taking care of me, per usual. I would say about five times a day during the three days I was sick … Continue reading


I have turned twenty-five. I am desperately fighting against societies expectations of having everything all figured out. Because I don’t. And it’s stressful. Nothing a beluga whale can’t fix. I hung out with a beluga whale for my birthday at the Mystic Aquarium. Jordan watched from the other side of the pool. I felt like … Continue reading


So I’ve been at my new [part-time] job for a week. It’s a different realm. I still feel like I’m using my skill set but in a different manner. I don’t have to be as suspicious. I can play. I can enjoy these kids who haven’t decided they hate the world yet. ((That’s an exaggeration … Continue reading


It was scary, Jordan had $40 in his bank account. I had $40 in mine. And that was it. No nest egg, no back up, just waiting until pay day and hoping we could squeeze the last drops of gas out of our cars. Jordan and I have NEVER been ones to be risky with … Continue reading


I haven’t written in quite a bit. Jordan and I have been busy settling in to our new place. It was a risking decision, because it’s over our budget and I am still unemployed but so far it’s been worth it for the friends we’ve had over for conversation, dinner and fro-yo. It’s our first … Continue reading

One Week

[since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said “I’m angry”] (Barenaked Ladies? Circe 1998? Anyone?) But seriously, a lot has changed in just this one week. Last week I left you all on a cliffhanger, since then the cliffhanger has disappeared because the circumstances have changed, however for the sake … Continue reading


Jordan and I are on the verge of a big change. I haven’t asked him if I can blog about it yet, but I will once he feels it’s okay. No I’m not pregnant. Normally the thought of this big of a change would give me severe anxiety. But I’m bizarrely peaceful, which only makes … Continue reading


Thursday January 23rd was Jordan’s 24th birthday and because he’s such a hard worker he was…at work on a shoot. But we’re going to Block Island this weekend for a mini adventure to make up for it. I’m getting over a head cold so my mind could only concentrate on that and not whether or … Continue reading


Last weekend was difficult. I’m not going to sugar coat it, because I’m tired of society sugar coating things, why can’t we be honest? Vulnerable even? I’m going to be open, so be gentle with me. Last weekend was difficult. Jordan was away on a shoot and I didn’t really have anything to do. Now, … Continue reading