Day 11 & 12: YinYang

Day 11: We sadly did bye to our anniversary Airbnb and started to trek closer to port. Our ferry wasn’t until 4:30p so we found an Internet cafe and I did homework while Jordan frustratingly tried to solidify our plans. It’s moments like this where we both have a challenging thought. Why do we do … Continue reading

Day 8, 9, & 10: Marrow

Day 8: Woke up at 5:30a having only gone to sleep at 12:30a the same morning due to a late train from Kalambaka. Walked to the port to catch our ferry at 7a. Drifted in and out of sleep for the first half of the five hour ferry ride. But not before getting some “I … Continue reading

Day 7: Climb

Woke up very early to the neighborhood stray dogs barking like their lives depended on it. Who knows why they were upset but man were they loud about it. Drifted in and out of sleep.  Hunted down a tavern that said it served breakfast. The owner made us cheese omelettes while the local old men … Continue reading

Day 5 & 6: Rain

Day 5: The day started off beautifully without a single cloud in the sky. Of course I plop my sorry butt down and try to get schoolwork done. I was sad to do this, but it had to be done. We did sign up for a sunset tour though. As we went on the tour … Continue reading

Day 2, 3, 4: Catch Up

Day 2: So we arrived at our Airbnb after getting a brief Greek history lesson from our driver. We passed by many closed buildings and businesses. Greece is trying to rebuild but it sounds like the government isn’t being much help. The younger generation aren’t having kids because they are feeling so unsure of the … Continue reading

Day One [part two]: Mr. Love 22

So people always say it is possible to meet really interesting characters on a train. Jordan and I have been lucky enough to experience that a few times outside the country. But generally people stay plugged in to their phones and that is that. ((No shade, I do the same thing.)) However, while waiting for … Continue reading

Day One: Travel

Step 1: Westerly Amtrak -> South Station Step 2: South Station -> Logan Airport Step 3: Flight 1 Boston -> Switzerland  Step 4: Flight 2 Switzerland-> Athens, Greece Step 5: Breathe


What’s the next step? I take meds, I go to therapy and yet I still have days like yesterday and today. Yesterday I had a full brain of things I wanted to accomplish. Set a house cleaning schedule, start said house cleaning schedule, do the laundry, garden. What did I end up doing instead? Putting … Continue reading


I was sick this weekend. Sore throat, severe body aches, fever; I was miserable. Luckily it seemed to not be a stomach thing, so at least there was that. Jordan did a great job taking care of me, per usual. I would say about five times a day during the three days I was sick … Continue reading


I have turned twenty-five. I am desperately fighting against societies expectations of having everything all figured out. Because I don’t. And it’s stressful. Nothing a beluga whale can’t fix. I hung out with a beluga whale for my birthday at the Mystic Aquarium. Jordan watched from the other side of the pool. I felt like … Continue reading